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Shown is a SHARPBUILT V2 ® long wheel base 4 seat buggy, Its a new design in 2, 4 and 5 seat buggies with modern styling, The fibreglass body fit’s onto a standard VW Beetle full length chassis, this buggy was registered in the year 2008 as an adult 4 seater dune buggy with a 2.5 Subaru N/A engine fitted,  It meets the Australian Design Rules and codes of practice, an air cooled VW engine or a water cooled engine can be used,  VW Porsche or Corvair and for water cooled the Subaru is the favourite.











Body features are wide mudguards, a curved windscreen, inset front head lights, space for a front mounted radiator, an opening front bonnet, sports padded dash board, side pods and an opening engine lid.


The curved layback windscreen stops wind buffeting on the screen and passengers and also clears easily in the rain unlike flat screen models.


The side pods stop water sand and mud from being thrown from the tires into the car, the pod’s can also be used as a storage area.



A water cooled engine can be used and the radiator fitted to the front inside the body in the important frontal air flow. You can fit all the gauges you require in full view in your line of vision in the sports dashboard console which has also been made to except a Subaru gauge cluster.



 The front of the body will accept a standard late model Subaru EJ radiator, it is fitted in side the fiber glass behind the bumper bar out of harms way in the all important frontal airflow, an overflow bottle and an aircon radiator can also be installed in this area, a bulkhead is fitted in front of the fuel tank to stop hot air from the radiator reaching the cabin, access has been made easy by an opening bonnet and a removable front panel.


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 The air inlet for the radiator has been designed high and above the bumper bar so when a skid plate is fitted for offroad use it does not stop the airflow to the radiator, care has been taken with the design to keep the front over hang and approach angle to a minimum. Space is provided above the opening bonnet so an external fuel filler cap can be fitted on the outside of the body avoiding an under bonnet fuel filler, filling the tank up with fuel is simple and easy task. 




  Air vents are fitted to the bonnet to assist the heated air to escape from the radiator as well as out from the wheel arch's, the air vents when the buggy is parked also stop heat from building up under the bonnet which in the long term could harm the fibreglass, the front lights are a common 7'' semi seal unit that can be replaced easily if needed and are ADR compliant.

                                     r7.jpg (43478 bytes)                         r3.jpg (36013 bytes)

 The windscreen surround has been made to accept a hoop which goes through the dashboard to the floor and keeps away from your feet when you enter and exit the car and gives a neat appearance, an overhead console attaches to this hoop and the roll bar which has a Y shape at both ends, the owner has fitted 2 eyeball interior lights to the front near the screen and the rear has two extra radio speakers fitted giving much better sound from the radio at highway speeds than normal located speakers.



 Standard or custom gauges radio switches and heater demister vents will fit into the new design dashboard, a Subaru gauge cluster can also be fitted, (as shown, the gauge pod, it has been designed for this cluster also the fascia cover) A late model steering column can be used that fits up neatly to the dash also for those that want a heater or air conditioning the outlets can be fitted to the face and top of the dashboard (yes it has air conditioning fitted by it's owner)



 At the rear an opening engine lid makes engine install easy and covers the engine from the element's keeping all the electrical's safe and sound and meets the ADR requirements for a covered engine pulleys belts and exhaust, a late model EJ Subaru turbo charged engine can be fitted, space is available to fit the intercooler on top of the engine (as shown on the green buggy) and cooling air can be directed to the intercooler from the air scoop's located in the rear of the side pods.

                                                                   turbo with intercooler.jpg (41938 bytes)

 Rear lights are after market and are ADR compliant, other styles of lights can be fitted in the space provided to suit individual needs, the side pods and rear arch give clearance for 33'' tall tires or 31'' paddle tires when a body lift kit is fitted, the water lines running from the engine to the radiator are on the outside of the body covered by the side pods and out of harms way.




 The V2 has the total design needed to successfully install a water cooled engine and radiator into a buggy and still remain a no compromise on road/off road buggy. With a Subaru EJ N/A or turbo charged engine fitted ranging between 140-230 HP, and the weight of the buggy between 800-900 kilo depending on the build, the V2 will live up to its name '' V2 = Rocket - Ballistic missile'',

Here is another short 1 minute fun video of the new proto type body design coming together.

Here is a short 2 minute fun video of the new V2 proto type body design and why it came about.

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NOTE The dashboard is available in left hand drive for overseas customers


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