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Here are some video’s of dune buggies in action—enjoy

Here the new Sharpbuilt V2 takes to the sand dunes, the theme continues on from 'in the beginning' and 'V2 continued'  a 2 minute video

runs for 10.5 minutes

This is a vid of the Anzac day weekend at the Stockton sand dunes you can see Sez earning his pilots licence

5-1/2 minute vid

Its been a while since we have been to the sand dunes due to some bad weather but we got there, DB is in the lead and I am following

3-1/2 minute vid

This vid was taken over the Easter brake, went for a run after the rain and hail stopped late afternoon with John behind and DB following up with the camera on

4-1/2 minute vid

Here is a vid taken on the Australia day holiday late in the afternoon at the sand dunes, we just got back to camp before sunset, the vid is supplied by Ian in the 'chase car'

2 minute vid

This vid explains how the GS Limo 4 seat design came about in 1998 and details the features that makes the Limo a modern day dune buggy design, the name GS Limo is short for Grande Suprimo Limozine

6 minute vid

Here is a vid with different camera shots, this was a fun weekend at the sand dunes, this is when the shots of the suspension was done

4 minute vid 

Showing the Limo's front and rear suspension working, front  linkpin has long shock towers, heavy duty springs 2'' dropped spindles disc brakes and 9'' of travel, rear has boxed arms heavy duty torsion bars and 2 long travel shocks each wheel for 10''of travel, not full on suspension but great for a registered on/offroad buggy

5 minute vid  

16 mb Sent in by 'Ian' 
We leave the tarmac with Ian's camera rolling in his Manx heading in to the dunes, we make camp and have a look around late in the afternoon

Stockton mix

3-1/2 minutes 11 mb

35 sec movie

Andrew in his Limo and Ian in the Manx get to the top

 driving on the face

1 minute 40 sec 

driving on the face 

1 minute movie

Limo air time

A short 7 second movie

Stockton sand dunes

18 mb in size  a  4-1/2  minute clip

Here are a couple of pics click

The Limo has an onboard cam and you can see what the Limo will do when cut lose. You will hear my type IV 2.1 liter engine make 5.500 + rpm as it flies over the sand dunes ( I still only use a stock type IV oil cooler in its factory location after 15 years though some say it does not work :-) 

27 mb in size over 8 minutes 

Dirt roads to the Simpson Desert

27 mb in size over 8 minutes

Simpson Desert

 Here are 2 movies of the recent 2 week holiday I went on with friends to out back Australia crossing the Simpson desert from west  to east
4 buggies went on the trip 2 long wheelbase (Limo's) and 2 short wheelbase buggies (a Manx and a J&S) 
We travelled on more than 1,400km (900 miles) of dirt roads
and just over 600 km (370 miles) crossing the Simpson desert and more than 1100 sand dunes, the round trip was more than 6,000km (3,700 miles) 

Here is a short movie clip of 2 GS Limo's playing on the  Stockton sand dune's


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