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GS Limo body kit


1.  Body.

2.  One piece bonnet/windscreen surround pre fitted to the body.

3.  Bonnet gaskets.

4.  Fitted windscreen and rubber.

5.  Fitted sports dashboard.

6.  Dashboard padded and upholstered.

7.  Removable gauge console.

8.  Demister outlet holes already in top of dash.

9.  Dashboard support bar powder coated and bolted into position.

10.  Fiber glass crash test papers.

11.  Engineer type drawings showing it’s construction.



The body kit is finished in a colour of your choice, the bonnet, windscreen, padded dashboard, gauge console and dashboard support bar are fitted before delivery.


 25 mm tubing is fiber glassed under both outside lips to accept the wiring loom.


 Different area’s of the body are strengthened with core matt to ensure a flex free body and toughness.

The GS Limo is a registered design, the kit is supplied with the required fiber glass crash test result papers, It meet’s the ADR fiber glass test requirements for all states, the tests have been carried out by an approved N.A.T.A. laboratory. The body can be used on a vehicle and be legally road registered anywhere in Australia. with the bonnet windscreen, sports padded dashboard and support bar pre fitted to the body, it makes the build easier and quicker.



  Side pods.

*   Mud flaps

*   Flip up aero style locking fuel filler cap with lower alloy dish

  4-point steel roll bar roll bar with sash/lap seat belt mounts powder coated.

  2" and 3" body lift all alloy.

  Front and rear bars polished alloy.

  Side extrusion bars polished alloy.

  Front and rear bars steel powder coated.

  Side intrusion bars steel powder coated.

  Rear lower seat belt mounting bar steel powder coated.

  Folding vinyl hood (3 doors)

*   Bikini Top.

  Front light buckets 6” High/low and park.

*   Front indicator light’s fitted.

*   Side indicators fitted.

*   Rear lights 3 per side fitted and fiber glassed to the body.

*   Rear stop light.

  Wiring loom.

  Electronic black box for seat belt warning light.

  Alloy 50 liter long range fuel tank baffled, a 2'' or 3’’ lift kit is needed for fitment

*   Heavy duty gearbox cradle with a rubber lined strap

*   Adaptor brackets soft mount for a Kombi box into a Beetle chassis.

*   Axles for Kombi box install.

*   Rear disc brakes featuring a billet alloy attachment bracket, Porsche 914 rota’s and VW Mk 4 alloy calipers.

*   Front billet alloy attachment bracket’s for fitting a VW Beetle front caliper to a 181 ‘Thing’ front spindle


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