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This Street Cruiser was taken to an engineer on Thursday morning to be approved as a year 2003 vehicle meeting the required Australian Design Rules and codes of practice and passed the inspection, by 4 in the afternoon it had insurance and the number plates fitted.


Friday it was driven to the Sydney VW show a 950 kl 600 mile trip taking 11 hour's with myself and Mike jnr on board sharing the driving, 2 days later it was driven back and due to a diversion the trip ended up as a 1,100 kl or 700 mile trip home taking 13 hours Having been in the car as a passenger and driver for more than 2,000 kl or 1,300 miles over the Easter break.


 I can report that a long wheelbase buggy with the correct suspension set up and a performance engine drive's like a dream, it is very smooth and has great handling unlike any other buggy I have been fortunate enough to have travelled in.


The car was built as a daily driver not a show car The type IV 2lt engine with a mild cam, 1800 heads and twin dells will push you back in your seat when accelerating through the gear's and can cruise for hour's on end well above the speed limit with the engine just purring along It was a very pleasant trip to the Sydney show and back over the Easter break the car performed as a true 'Street Cruiser'.



1500 floor pan.

Ball joint front end, lowered with adjusters.

IRS rear suspension lowered.

Rear torsion bars 21mm.

Gearbox IRS with 4.13 R&P.

Front disc brakes.

Rear drum brakes.

Gas shocks all round.

6x15 alloy front wheels, 8x15 rear.

205x15 front tires, 255x15 rear.

Type IV high performance 2 liter engine.

Porsche style cooling system with a carbon fiber shroud.  

Twin dell's.

Polished alloy rocker covers.

Hide-away street exhaust with a stainless muffler.

Seat’s fixed back on VW seat runner’s.

Centre console with a CD container

Interior neon light.

Seat belts lap & sash retractable type.

Gear shift, factory and shortened. 

Audio- remote control head unit.

Speakers, sub's 2- 12’’ & 600W, 2-3 way 6x9’’ 2-2 way 6’’.

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