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 Upright cooling kits

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*  Fan shroud with 4 lower cylinder covers

*  Alternator stand full size

*  Stand base plate

*  Oil fill tube and bracket accepts type IV  III oil fill funnel.

*  5" Porsche 911 size

*  Fuel pump block off plate

*  Engine bay sealing tin (not required for a buggy or Baja)

*  Hardware and fitting instructions


Machining of the case is necessary for this conversion at the breather chimney, it must be lowered 41mm flat, the engine will now fit into a VW type I type II or Porsche 356-912 or 914 engine bay without engine lid modification.

̃ Engine bay sealing tin.





̃ Porsche style oil cooler air duct, attaches to the shroud.

             This enables you to use the stock type IV oil cooler in its factory location.

̃ Header pipes and 4 in to 1 extractors  for Sedan and Baja.

̃ Pilot bush, mates a type IV flywheel to a type 1-11 or 111 input shaft, press in no machining.

Type IV Porsche style kit

̃ Header pipes only for Sedan and Baja.

             These can be mounted forwards or backwards for making up custom systems.

The Porsche style kit uses a Porsche fan and alternator unit and a type IV oil cooler in the stock type IV location.


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