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Shown is a SHARPBUILT 'GS Limo'ģ long wheel base 4 seat buggy.


Its a 2000 design in 2, 4 and 5 seat buggies with classic lines.


The fibreglass body fitís onto a standard VW Beetle full length chassis.


This buggy was registered in the year 2000 as an adult 4 seater dune buggy with a 2 liter engine fitted,It meets the Australian Design Rules and codes of practice.

This vid explains how the GS Limo 4 seat design came about in 1998 and details the features that makes the Limo a modern day dune buggy design.


The name GS Limo is short for Grande Supremo Limozine.


Body features are wide mudguards, a curved windscreen,sports padded dash board, side pods and mudflaps.


Makes for a great on road or offroad buggy that will except wide wheels and tires.


The curved layback windscreen stops wind buffeting on the screen and passengers and also clears easily in the rain unlike flat screen models.


You can fit all the gauges you require in full view in your line of vision in the sports dashboard console.


The side pods and mud flapís stop water sand and mud from being thrown from the tires into the car, the podís can also be used as a storage area.





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NOTE The dashboard is available in left hand drive for overseas customers






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