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GS Limo ‘Offroad’


Shown below are some street registered custom built 4 seat offroad GS Limo's, with there tall stance, close ratio gearbox and a VW type IV performance engine they are a duel purpose buggy that can be used on the street and then taken offroad for some fun and adventure - - ->> more

V2 ‘Sandshark’


The V2 has the total design needed to successfully install a water cooled engine and radiator into a buggy, A Subaru

EJ N/A or turbo charged engine ranging between 140-230 HP, and the weight of the buggy between 800-900 kilo depending on the build, the V2 will live up to its name '' V2 = Rocket - Ballistic missile'' - - ->> more

Upright cooling systems


This makes a STOCK 2 litre engine a reality for  * Beetle.

* Karmann Ghia. * 356 Porsche. * 912 Porsche. * Early Kombi. *181 Thing. * Baja Bug. * Dune Buggy and kit car’s.


The Porsche style kit uses a Porsche  fan and alternator unit and a the type IV oil cooler in the factory stock type IV location - - ->> more



Subaru Install components


The adaptor plate and flywheel come with all the needed hardware. The flywheel is available in 215 and 228 clutch size’s.


The Supa Sump is 2'' shorter than stock but has the  same capacity and oil level, the oil pick up is also shortened  2''


Reversing the throttle body and also sitting it at an angle places the air cleaner in a much better location- ->> more

 Upright cooling kits

 Subaru engine install


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